/ˈbaɪndə / (say 'buynduh)

1. a person or thing that binds.
2. a detachable cover for loose papers.
3. someone who binds books; a bookbinder.
4. Agriculture
a. an attachment to a harvester or reaper for binding the cut grain.
b. a machine that both cuts and binds grain.
c. a wool fibre, one of many which grow obliquely from one staple to another and hold the fleece together.
5. Law an informal contract, in force while a more formal document is being drawn up.
6. a tie beam, especially in a floor.
7. Metallurgy a substance used:
a. to hold crushed ore dust together before and during sintering or refining.
b. to hold metallic powders (mixed sometimes with nonmetals) together after compacting and before sintering in powder metallurgy.
8. Building Trades a material, as cement, used to join masonry.
9. Colloquial a solid meal; a feed.
10. Insurance an authority given by an insurer to an intermediary to enter into contracts of insurance as agent for the insurer.
{Middle English. See bind, -er1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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